Work empowered.

Everything we do is possible because of the people that bring their best every day. We’re dedicated to helping our employees to reach their potential through continuous learning, support from leadership, and greater opportunities. From Ph.D. bench scientists and regulatory experts, to sales representatives and human resource managers, we’re united by our commitment to discover, develop, and deliver life-changing treatments. Every person in every role brings something unique. Find out what that means for you.

Passion for patients.

At Celgene, we put patients first. Underlying our dedication to changing the course of human health is the desire to positively impact those who suffer from diseases with unmet needs. By keeping the patients in mind from the start, we are able to achieve brave, innovative, and transformational outcomes. Beyond the work environment, our employees also devote their personal time to supporting patient advocacy groups and voluntary health associations. It’s who we are. It’s a part of our patient-first culture.

Diversity makes us stronger.

Here, we embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and champion the free exchange of ideas. Differences in life experiences, cultural backgrounds, and areas of expertise add value to our business by promoting diverse points of view. With initiatives such as employee resource groups, transgender-inclusive health care, and training in unconscious bias and decision making, we commit ourselves to ensuring everyone has an opportunity to drive the conversation at Celgene.

A culture that
champions you.

Celgene offers a unique culture where every employee is empowered to innovate in their role. With the freedom to be creative, think differently, and challenge the status quo, you will be in a position to drive your career and the business. Because while we’ve grown into a leading global bio-pharma company, we still believe in the entrepreneurial spirit that put us on the map in the first place. So, if you’re a self-starter, dreamer, and big-idea seeker, apply your passion and talent here.

Benefits for Employees.

We’ve always been focused on changing the lives of our patients. But we know it’s just as important to help our employees live their best lives. Our benefits are based on real conversations with our people about what they need, what they want, and what we can provide. The result is a comprehensive list that landed us on Forbes’ list of Top 10 Places to Work Worldwide. See why for yourself.

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Learning and Development

We believe in setting up our employees for success, through continuous learning and professional development opportunities and exposure to all levels of leadership. From tools and training to tuition reimbursement, we support your desire for continuous learning and growth to help you achieve your goals.

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Parental Leave

We know family comes first. That’s why we provide eligible employees with 12 weeks of paid time off to care for a newly born infant or new adopted or foster child. U.S. employees can also enjoy a “bridge back,” working part-time for four weeks with full-time pay.

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Caregiver Leave

As a company focused on improving the lives of patients, we recognize that our employees can be caregivers too. So, if a family member is diagnosed with a serious illness, eligible employees may take up to six weeks paid time off to act as a caregiver to their loved one.

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Elder and Childcare Assistance

Celgene wants to show support for those things in life you can’t predict. That’s why, if your primary source of care for a child or elder family member falls through, we can provide secondary care.

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Additional Maternity Assistance

Becoming a parent comes with a new set of challenges. As part of our benefits, Celgene offers additional maternity care including nutrition, lactation counseling, and the ability to ship frozen breast milk home if travelling for business.

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Flexible and Summer Hours

To help balance the demands of career, family, and home life, Celgene offers the Flexible Work Arrangement, enabling employees to perform some duties remotely, as well as summer hours on Fridays for eligible employees.

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Wellness Programs

Celgene’s investment in our employees extends to their health and well-being. That’s why we offer a number of healthy living programs, including nutritious food and exercise programs, wellness centers, and counseling opportunities.