Senior Associate Scientist Translational Development

Job Description

Req #: 1900714
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Job Category: Research and Early Development
Work Location: 200 Cambridge Park Drive 02140
Organization: Biology
Employee Status: Full-time
Job Type: Regular

The Translational Development group is seeking a self-motivated, energetic, detail-oriented candidate with strong background in cellular immunology and molecular biology. The focus of this position will be to 1) develop and perform assays using human blood/biopsies or rodent blood/tissues that will help determining the extent of target engagement achieved with drug development candidates and 2) assist in the generation and analysis of omics data that will help identifying patient stratification strategies for specific drug targets for immunological, inflammatory and/or fibrotic diseases. The individual will participate in a broad range of programs in a dynamic, small research group and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. Strong problem solving and time management skills are essential to complete diverse assigned tasks. Industry experience is preferred. 

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:
1.    Design, plan, and execute blood/tissues-based assays and troubleshoot existing protocols with guidance
2.    Perform high quality and well controlled immunological assays with human and animal blood or tissues including cell stimulation, cytokine analysis, western blot, and flow cytometry with minimal supervision
3.    Support scientists in execution of proof-of-concept studies. Generate and independently analyze multi-parameters data sets using appropriate analytic programs
4.    Maintain well written and accurate research electronic notebook detailing work undertaken
5.    Comply with laboratory safety procedures

Skills/Knowledge Required:
1.    Experience in working with blood cells and tissues from human and animals for the study of immunological/inflammatory responses
2.    Strong hands-on experience with immune cell activation and characterization assays, multi-parameter flow cytometry, ELISA, DNA/RNA preparation, RT-PCR, immunoprecipitation, and western blotting.
3.    Proficiency with FlowJo, Prism, and Microsoft office applications
4.    Possess a thorough knowledge of experimental design and underlying scientific principles
5.    Excellent organizational, record keeping, oral and written communication skills
6.    Team player, detail oriented and organized

•    Bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline with at least 8 years work experience or Master’s degree with at least 6 years work experience.


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"At Celgene, we seek to deliver truly innovative and life-changing drugs for our patients."

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