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Mary Mallaney

Associate Director, CMC Team Leader

Be a game-changer in CAR T

We’re leading the way in Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell therapy (CAR T). You can too. This emerging immunotherapy reprograms a patient’s own CD4+ and CD8+ T cells to recognize and attack cancer. Now, we’re exploring even more possibilities through a number of clinical trials. And as we continue to expand, we’re looking for quality-focused, passionate people to help us dive deeper and go further. Bring your love of innovation and desire to make an impact to this exciting field today.

Newest Openings

From Manufacturing Managers to Principal Scientists, explore how you can find your unique spot on our CAR T team today.

Innovation through collaboration

As we continue to expand our footprint in CAR T, hear how our team’s unique perspectives contribute to the larger mission of helping patients.


Join our future-focused team

If you’re looking for an environment where you can bring your unique skills to make a difference, find out how you can be an innovator in the world of CAR T. Here, your drive to do groundbreaking and meaningful work will help you thrive.Learn how you can be a part of the team that is taking cell therapy to the next level. Explore roles now.